**This kit is for those who DO NOT have insurance. If you have insurance, please purchase the "With insurance" option.** 


A 60-Minute comprehensive Results Review can be scheduled after results are recieved at a 15% discount.


This test kit involves a blood draw at CPL or Any Lab Test Now, and does not include fees for the draw. The test kit will be mailed with specific instructions upon completion of purchase.


About Spectracell and micronutrient testing:

Discover your body's ability to absorb, transport, metabolize and utilize vitamins and minerals.

Spectracell's Micronutrient test measures what is going on inside the cell. This differs from serum or plasma testing which may not accurately reflect levels within cells, but rather what is going on in the fluid outside of the cells. This testing gives a bigger picture functional micronutrient status over a period of months, and can help determine where nutrient gaps need to be filled. 

SpectraCell Micronutrient Testing (WITHOUT Insurance)

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