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What people say

"Natalie did a wonderful job in sorting out what I couldn't, with respects to helping me understand better nutrition from the inside out.  She made the process very easy to understand and work with on a daily basis. I thoroughly enjoyed working on my nutritional health, while learning lifelong health nutritional eating at the same time"

"Natalie is amazing. She is caring and easy to talk to. She really seems to care for my well being."

"Amazing- Natalie Olsen is a gem, so encouraging, so helpful."

"Natalie is amazing! Extremely knowledgeable, attentive, receptive and accessible. She gave me clear and easy steps to follow to achieve my personal health goals and all I had to do was follow her instructions. From the inside out I finally feel and look healthy! I've had family, friends and co-workers all comment on my transformation! Definitely recommend her to any and all! Couldn't have done it with out her! Thanks a million Natalie!"

"I enjoyed working with Natalie. Knowledgeable, professional and effective with suggestions. I gained my target weight back and learned some sustainable habits about eating."

"I really appreciate that Natalie listened and took my concerns seriously. She had valid, concrete points and developed a plan of action whereas the outside practitioner I spoke to just shrugged off my concerns. Natalie was able to pinpoint the problem and develop a plan - I am very grateful for her patient skills and knowledge base."

"Before I met Natalie in 2016, my A1C was at 6.3. My doctor told me it was virtually impossible for me to bring that number down due to some genetic dispositions. I was very skeptic about that wild assertion. Taking the matter into my hands, I googled, and chose Natalie out of the myriads of Nutritionists and Dietitians that popped up. Immediately, she went to work with me. A very patient listener, extremely knowledgeable, cheerful, motivating, kind and would never lose hope on you as long as you tried to follow her teaching guidelines. After one month with her, my A1C dropped for the first time in my adult life.
Having faithfully stuck with all the things she taught me since then; incorporation of healthy lifestyle changes, such as strict dieting regimens, good night sleep, special vitamins, and constant exercises, I have been able to lower my A1C to a near normal level. Anyone who is considering her services, should not have any double mind. She is awesome, and one of the best in her field in Austin."

"Nat was very inviting and engaging with her explanations and describing what I needed to do to make healthier choices. It makes me very excited (and thankful) to be working with her to make my life better."

"Natalie Olsen was excellent. Very knowledgeable and involved in helping me revise my diet. She was easy to talk to, listened, and gave me valuable tips and advice about being much healthier. I can't rave enough about her."

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