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Natalie did a wonderful job in sorting out what I couldn't, with respects to helping me understand better nutrition from the inside out.  She made the process very easy to understand and work with on a daily basis. I thoroughly enjoyed working on my nutritional health, while learning lifelong health nutritional eating at the same time.


It's been a very successful change of diet for my pre-diabetic symptoms. After one month following strictly to Natalie's suggestions, my A1C comes back to normal range, my symptoms have gone, my cholesterol levels have improved. I feel much more energetic. I'm feeling basically like a normal human being again. I am excited.

I would recommend Natalie to anyone who has health issues that doctors can't really treat without diet. 


Natalie is amazing! Extremely knowledgeable, attentive, receptive and accessible. She gave me clear and easy steps to follow to achieve my personal health goals and all I had to do was follow her instructions. From the inside out I finally feel and look healthy! I've had family, friends and co-workers all comment on my transformation! Definitely recommend her to any and all! Couldn't have done it with out her! Thanks a million Natalie!


I enjoyed working with Natalie. Knowledgeable, professional and effective with suggestions. I gained my target weight back and learned some sustainable habits about eating.